The DuraShine propane-powered machine runs as a light grinder, floor polisher, and burnisher all in one; significantly boosting productivity while producing superior, high gloss, floors. DuraFlex Plate and floating shroud, both patent pending, provide unmatched performance on the waviest of floors. The shroud provides superior dust and slurry containment keeping the air quality safe and job site clean. The drive and shroud are easily changeable to accommodate polishing widths from 17” to 27”. DuraShine™ will conquer the largest and smallest jobs.

Wet or Dry polishing – DuraShine features include an on-board 8-gallon water system with adjustable feed for wet polishing work and a passive vacuum system that captures dust particles in a disposable vacuum bag while working dry. For more aggressive grinding, this system easily couples to an external dust separator or vacuum.

Reliability – The DuraShine machine is powered by an 18 HP commercial grade Kawasaki engine with EnviroGard propane fuel system. The automotive grade catalytic muffler reduces carbon monoxide emission levels well below OSHA requirements for indoor use. The EnviroGard emission monitoring system notifies the operator and shuts down the engine should emission levels ever approach unsafe levels.

DuraShine Electric

DuraShine Electric Powered Polisher
The DuraShine™ electric product line consists of 3 different models. Ranging from 16” to 30”, the DuraShine electric platform can grind, polish and maintain a multitude of floor surfaces at an extremely high rate of speed. Power supplies range from 120V single phase to 460V 3 phase with production capabilities from 200* square feet per hour up to 5000* depending upon the application.

The DS16Pro operates on 120V and weighs in at just over 140 lbs. This high production DuraShine model includes Pro Series features such as variable speed control and rotation reversing. The DS16Pro is capable of preparing a concrete floor for a coating at a rate of 300* square feet per hour and polishing/maintaining at speeds up to 1200* square feet per hour. The DS16Pro is equipped with a unique leveling system that includes a front mounted swivel caster for pressure precise pressure adjustment.

The DS20Pro also includes Pro Series features with leveling and pressure adjustment system. It is considered the “work horse” of the group. Operating on 208-240 single phase electric power, the DuraShine 20 Pro provides unbelievable production rates. This amazing machine is capable of preparing a concrete slab for a coating at rates upwards of 800* square feet per hour and polish/maintain at rates exceeding 2500* square feet per hour!

The DS30Pro is currently in development. It will incorporate all of the Pro Series features including: Variable Speed Control, Reversing, Self-Leveling and Pressure Adjustment. The DS30Pro will operate on 460V three phase power. This model promises to deliver production rates that are simply unheard of currently in this industry. Available April 1, 2016.



Hydra is a 27” propane-powered honing and polishing machine boasting an effective planetary-style design that powers through the toughest conditions. Three counter-rotating floating heads ‘follow the floor’ resulting in consistent gloss while dramatically reducing time and labor expended.

The Hydra’s powerful Kawasaki 603cc 18HP engine is built to run clean and efficient, extending engine life. A three-way catalytic muffler lowers CO, HC and NOx emissions, while our EnviroGard emissions monitoring system products the operator and air quality by shutting down the engine if CO levels rise. CE, EPA and CARB certified.

Impressive standard features include an 8-gallon water system, which provides consistent lubrication for diamond abrasives and eliminates a need for vacuums; non-marking foam-filled tires, providing superior traction and maneuverability; a floating skirt to keep surroundings clean and which is easily removable for cleaning between steps.