The DuraGrind is a metal tool specially designed for the DuraShine System and is used as the initial grinding steps in preparing to polish a concrete floor. The DuraGrind utilizes a high-performance mini segments embedded in heat resistant material. The DuraGrind is built to safely handle floor prep at high speeds. They can be run wet or dry.


• The mini segments are aggressive but leave a uniform scratch pattern.
• Can be run wet or dry.

DRSMM0030 – 30 grit
DRSMM0070 – 70 grit


The DuraPad and DuraPad Hybrid are specially designed to provide optimal performance. 70% of their surface area is in the top 5% of the pad driver speed zone versus as little as 16% with conventional round pads. They are built for long life and provide excellent gloss and clarity. Mounted on the DuraFlex, the radial edges allow for smooth riding over lippage and joints.

DuraPad Hybrid

• DuraPad Hybrids are formulated to take out the scratches from the DuraGrind metals and sets the floor for polishing.
• If the floor is in good enough shape, in some cases it may be possible to bypass using DuraGrind metals and to use the DuraPad Hybrids for the initial steps.
• The DuraPad Hybrids can be run wet or dry.

DRSC0030 – 30 grit
DRSC0050 – 50 grit
DRSC0100 – 100 grit
DRSC0200 – 200 grit
DRSC0400 – 400 grit
DRSC0800 – 800 grit


• The Durapad resins will polish the floor to a spectacular shine.
• They give a superior finish in record time, saving labor and money with no sacrifice of quality.
• Can be run wet or dry.

DRSW0030 – 30 grit
DRSW0050 – 50 grit
DRSW0100 – 100 grit
DRSW0200 – 200 grit
DRSW0400 – 400 grit
DRSW0800 – 800 grit
DRSW1500 – 1500 grit
DRSW3000 – 3000 grit


Maintenance Pads

The PolyPad Plus and the DuraShine Heat Pad make daily maintenance a breeze. With consistent use, they effectively remove scratches and help bring back the original gloss and luster keeping the floors looking new. They can also be used as a final polishing step to make the shine really pop.

PolyPad Plus

• Concentrated diamond ensures long wear and high performance.
• Wear dots on the working surface indicates when the pads need to be changed.

PLPP170800 – 800 grit
PLPP171500 – 1500 grit
PLPP173000 – 3000 grit
PLPP176000 – 6000 grit
PLPP210800 – 800 grit
PLPP211500 – 1500 grit
PLPP213000 – 3000 grit
PLPP216000 – 6000 grit
PLPP270800 – 800 grit
PLPP271500 – 1500 grit
PLPP273000 – 3000 grit
PLPP276000 – 6000 grit

DuraShine Heat Pad

• Use the DuraShine Heat Pad to buff newly applied DuraCoat and to maintain its appearance.