The DuraShine System


There is true beauty in a highly-polished concrete floor. However, it must be consistent in appearance to be desirable and fully appreciated. For the most part, accomplishing this requires either starting with a very flat surface or the use of a heavy, aggressive grinder to flatten the floor before polishing. We now have a solution that addresses this need in a user-friendly and very efficient complete system. Introducing DuraShine! Here’s how it works . . .

First, the DuraShine machine is a multi-tasker. It will quickly and efficiently perform to high expectation throughout a full range of light grinding, polishing and burnishing. The same universal base unit accommodates easily changed drives and shrouds available in 17”, 21” and 27” widths.

Highly maneuverable and designed for operator comfort, though a mere 300 lbs. its performance is impressive! The unique patent pending design of the DuraFlex Plate offsets the need for additional weight to get the job done. When it comes to uneven surfaces DuraShine has a flexible head with six spring steel arms that move up and down independently, staying in constant contact with any uneven floor.

To encompass a variety of applications DuraShine can be used wet with its onboard 8-gallon solution system that accommodates either a spray mist or gravity feed at the turn of a lever. DuraShine can be utilized dry by either the integrated passive dust collection system for higher grit diamonds and polishing pads or the collection hose can be routed to an external vacuum, if desired.

The 18HP Kawasaki engine (CE, EPA, CARB and CGA certified) with EnviroGard emission monitoring system ensures safety and the power to drive a wide range of abrasives at various rpm.

Available abrasives include DuraGrind metals, DuraPad hybrids and DuraPad resins. A patent pending quick click system secures this tooling in place with simple ease. The DuraLok pad holders convert the DuraFlex Plate into a maintenance mode, enabling the mounting of the diamond impregnated PolyPad Plus pads for final polishing and routine care.

Completing the DuraShine system, to protect and maintain a beautifully polished floor, a family of chemicals comprised of Diamond Tough Advanced Formula Concrete Densifier, DuraCoat protective coating, and Diamond Xtract Gloss concentrate cleaner/enhancer.

So whether it’s an initial light grind, completing a job that began with a heavier grind, refurbishing or routine maintenance, choose DuraShine. A one-of-a-kind all-in-one, easy to maneuver and transport, DuraShine will get the job done easier with greater efficiency and consistency in appearance.


Complete System
The DuraShine SystemTM is a comprehensive floor care system from a versatile machine, to multiple drive plates, to advanced diamond tooling.

Maximum Flexibility
The DuraShineTM machine is the first of its kind. Change between 17″, 21″ and 27″ heads. The DuraShine SystemTM adapts to any job.

Advanced Tooling
A complete line of advanced diamond tooling specifically designed to create a durable shine on concrete and terrazzo floors. Guaranteed.

Save Money
One system. One machine. Multiple heads for nearly endless options. You can do the math.

Frame 18hp commercial grade Kawasaki Engine
Engine 18hp commercial grade Kawasaki Engine
Fuel System EnviroGard Propane Fuel System provides ultra low emisisons, EPA, ARB, CGA, and CE certified
Ignition 12volt Electrical System w/ Key Start electric starter, safety fuse
Fuel Cylinder 20lb Vertical Vapor Cylinder w/ Fuel Guage
Catalytic Muffler Automotive Grade Three Way Catalytic Muffler produces ultra low emissions
Emission Monitoring System Monitors tailpipe emissions and shuts down engine if service is needed
Integrated Safety Module (optional) In addition to monitoring tailpipe emissions, this device also monitors ambient CO levels and alerts operator via LED light
Sound Level Less than 89dba
Width 27” (686mm) – Head W, 16” (406mm) – Deck W
Length 44” (1118mm)
Height 45” (1143mm) – To top of tank
Weight 300lbs (136kg)
Shipping Weight 350lbs (159kg)
Polishing Width(s) 17″ (434mm), 21″ (533mm), and 27″ (686mm) Interchangeable Polishing Heads
DuraFloat Shroud Patent Pending 360 degree DuraFloat floating shroud provides industry best dust and slurry containment for wet or dry polishing on the most uneven floors
DualDrive Head Speed DualDrive allows for head speeds 450 RPM – 1850 RPM using quick-change belt system
Water System 8 Gallon (30L) water tank w/ adjustable gravity feed water system
On-board Vacuum TBD
Pad Driver DuraFlex Plate Pad Driver
Clutch Standard
Additional Weight Standard – 3 – 25lb (1.4-11kg) Weights
Polishing Performance TBD
Burnishing Performance Up to 34,000 sq./ft. (3,159 sq./m) per hour
Warranty 2 years on engine, 1 year on machine, 90 days on wear items

Complete Machine

SUBBCDEYDS1 DuraShine Machine 17″ with DuraFlex Plate & Shroud
SUBBCDEYDS2 DuraShine Machine 21″ with DuraFlex Plate & Shroud
SUBBCDEYDS4 DuraShine Machine 27″ with DuraFlex Plate & Shroud

Interchangeable Heads

W5307A-DP 17″ Durashine Machine Head, DuraFlex Plate & Shroud
W5303A-DP 21″ Durashine Machine Head, DuraFlex Plate & Shroud
W5302A-DP 27″ Durashine Machine Head, DuraFlex Plate & Shroud

The Hydra

27inch-Hydra-ReJuve-main-photoOnyx also provides another option for the grinding, polishing and maintaining of concrete floors – our counter-rotating planetary style 27” Hydra. The Hydra also boasts efficiency and versatility with ease of use. Utilizing three 10” special floating drivers, Hydra will follow floor surfaces of varying contours. An onboard 8-gallon solution system enables wet work as needed. [For dry use, any plans to include vacuum port in Hydra? What is current status of commitment to SASE?] Also, weighing in at only 300 lbs. Hydra is highly maneuverable and transportable while capable of performing a ‘heavier-weight’s’ job.

The 18HP Kawasaki engine (CE, EPA, CARB certified) with EnviroGard emission monitoring system ensures safety and the power to drive a wide range of abrasives at various rpm.

Abrasives available for Hydra include a range of semi-metals and resins to cover the needs of light grinding and refurbishing.

Any surface Hydra has polished can be protected and cared for with the DuraShine chemical system to enhance durability and longevity.

Whether you choose DuraShine or Hydra you can depend on a system that has been engineered to be the most versatile, productive, easy to use light grinding, polishing and maintenance products available.